The Cultural Center Complex of Sultan Qaboos University is listed as 4th biggest building project to be constructed in the sultanate. The complex comprises of four buildings, surrounding a traditional omani courtyard with a multipurpose hall seating 5000, a seven Level, 700,000 book volume library to accommodate 2000 students, a two storey VIP reception building and the two storey Center. For Omani Studies with a 200 seat lecture theater and special museum for HM the Sultan' royal collection of artifacts, designed to be the heart of the Cultural Center Complex.    

Respecting the town planning of the existing university, the Cultural Center Complex is positioned on the central (east-west-design) axis facing Mekkah to the west and at the extreme eastern end of the university campus "fitted" in to the country side of low rolling mountains and dense, indigenous landscape at the foothills of the mountains.

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