Bahla castle fort and the "Oasis" town, with the old juma mosque and souq, is internationally recognized as one of the most important historic sites in the Sultanate of Oman, of unique cultural and architectural value.In year 1987, Bahla Fort was designated as a "World Heritage Site" for its cultural heritage of  universal value, in accordance with the 1972 UNESCO convention, concerning the protection of the world’s cultural and National Heritage.

The Restoration Souq Bahla is one of the more prestigious and challenging projects, Larsen, A&CE has undertaken so far. As very little documentation was available, Larsen A&CE was required to establish the concept as well as carryout both a topographic survey of the entire Bahla town site with detailed, measured survey of the old souq. A very detailed and comprehensive Concept Design Report, complete with a master plan, architectural measured surveys and budget estimate was submitted to the government authorities in June 2003, On July 2nd 2003 Larsen, A&CE presented the concept design of souq Bahla project to world Heritage Center, at the 27th World Heritage session, in Paris, France.

 In the planning and design development of the old souq, Larsen, A&CE's concept and priorities were foremost to restore the old souq to its former glory and, in so doing, protect and preserve Oman's architectural heritage, culture and traditions, as well as reviving the old souq's status as the traditional social and commercial center, souq Bahla has enjoyed for centuries.

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