One of the most well-known buildings in Muscat, this mosque is more than 100 year old and of great historic and architectural value which was scheduled to be demolished and reconstructed (with modern building materials) at a new designated location 300m west of the Ceremonial Avenue planned for Muscat. The mosque consists of a Main Prayer Hall and an outdoor, roofed player area with ablution facilities as well as the lmam's House (to the South) forming a landscaped courtyard. The most significant feature of this mosque is the Minaret, a stone cladded tower structure, which is highlighted by a golden mosaic dome at the top.

The architectural vocabulary of this unique stone cladded Mosque, with its characteristic Minaret and fine samples of doors and windows, as constructed in AH 1322 (1901), has a distinct relationship with the many fine houses constructed in Muscat in the mid-19th century.

Larsen, A&CE was commissioned to do an architectural measured survey prior to the demolition in 2004. Larsen, A&CE further was able to establish and implement that Masjid was reconstructed as an exact replica of the old mosque, being one of the most famous and recognizable mosque in the sultanate and much loved landmark by the people of muscat.

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