In January 2005 the Ministry of Tourism awarded Larsen, A&CE the design and supervision for a center with 2200 seat multipurpose hall and 1800 seat Banquet facility on a 41,543 sq.m. Steeply sloping mountain site at Barr Al Jissah Tourist Resort. Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, is a 124 acre (50.2 ha) luxury , tourist destination having 3 Nos. five star hotels with 680 accommodation units (keys) and banquet facilities for 700 guests as well as an extensive top class Spa and other recreational facilities. The decision to locate the Convention Center in close proximity to the Barr Al Jissah Resort will, in our opinion, satisfy almost all the concerns raised and without double be of much benefit to the Resort as well the operators and visitors of both the Resort and Convention Centre alike, and offer opportunities to promote tourism and commercial activities in the Sultanate of Oman. The scenic beauty and drama of Barr Al Jissah, including the approach to the site, with its tall beautiful mountains, white sandy beaches and panoramic views of the sea provides in the opinion of the Consultant the very best the Sultanate can offer, and will, it is believed, impress and satisfy even the most demanding tourist or convention Centre guest.

This project proposal was not constructed.

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