Airport Land Use Strategies represents a guiding tool for airport authorities when determining the suitability of development on land surrounding an airport. With the expansion of urban areas in Muscat the seeb area has been under increasing development pressure due to escalating land values and a strong demand for housing industrial and commercial development.

The 5km Radius Land Use plan for Muscat International Airport is intended to complement the Airport Master plan and seeks to protect the long term, viability of Muscat International Airport by ensuring compatible land uses in vicinity. The land use plan was prepared to assist the civil Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Communications which have been given authority to control development within the 5km Radius Civil Aviation Control Zone of the airport. Noise and safety have been identified as the two fundamental compatibility issues related to land uses in the vicinity of the airport.

The project involved detailed mapping of existing topography, drainage, infrastructure, land uses, and services within this area as well as projected height, noise and other constraints due to future airport expansions up to 2021, to determine a proposed land use plan as a guide to compatible development in the area. The study also involved allocation of land for future airport related development and support facilities related to the anticipated airport expansion.

This is a Joint Venture Project with Cowi A/S/ Denmark.

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