Larsen Architects, a unique, dynamic, international architectural consultancy practice was established in the Sultanate of Oman in November 2000, in the very beginning of the 2nd Millennium, making the newly formed company one of the youngest international consultancy firms in the region, providing design works for some of the most prestigious projects in the Sultanate.


The company focus is on design excellence and identity, giving consideration to human values, perception and aspirations throughout the project while providing a comprehensive service, which are all central to the company’s philosophy. Larsen, A&CE adopts an international approach in its staff recruitment and in its work in association with foreign consultants, so as to increase its international exposure. The staff works as a team on all the projects, so that each project has the "touch" of the team members while the overall goals of the project are being pursued through co-operation and collaboration.


Larsen,A&CE operates a company of highly qualified, professional staff members including Architects, Engineers, in addition to Cad-Operators and Administrative Staff.

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