Mr Ole B Larsen

Chief Architect / Proprietor
B.Arch. M.Sc. Urban Design & Architecture


Mr. Ole B. Larsen has been responsible for numerous large scale government institutional as well as private commercial and tourist related buildings - and urban beautification projects, in the Arabian Gulf and in the Suiltanate of Oman in particular,over the last 30 years.


Mr. Ole B. Larsen is an enthusiastic professional architect with around 32 years of experience.His experience has come from working with highly acclaimed & professional organizations of international repute on a great variety of multi - disciplinary projects in both the Arabian Gulf, North America and Europe. He is used to working closely with clients & project teams from different business, social ethnic and cultural backgrounds and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Oman's cultural and social traditions as well as a deep felt passion for the sultanate's architecture heritage & traditions.


On 19th of April 1999, His Majesty sultan Qaboos conferred the "Oman civil Order - Third Class" on ole B.Larsen "in appreciation of his contribution to the Architectural design of the central bank of Oman (CBO) and in recogni -tion of his excellent service in the sultanate of Oman in the field Architecture.

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