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Larsen, A&CE is one of the leading architectural and planning consultants in the Sultanate of Oman, providing a professional technology based service, whilst pursuing a limitless passion for design in realizing projects that are sensitive to the culture and climate of the region. Regardless of the scale and size of the project our major focus is to combine the rich cultural heritage of the region with the changing needs to society.

Muscat International Airport, Muscat

As a building of national importance, Muscat International Airport symbolizes both the past and the future of Oman, its traditions and heritage as well as its modernity. An elegant lightweight roof from, complemented by exposed steel structures and transparent glass walls express the energy and exhilaration of flight and expresses the volume of the large apace sheltered within it. This dynamic and contemporary from sits on a solid base of local Omani stone. Read more...

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